“DIAMONDS” by Vape Poker™ Berry Blue Martini

Vape Poker™ ♦ “DIAMONDS” ♦

♦Think of blue mist and mixed berries. Fresh fruits and tasty sweets served in a tall glass on the rocks.♦

Diamonds is the Vape Poker winners choice for fruit & sweet vapers. You will notice notes of sliced fruits, Lemon Lime Soda, Ripe Strawberries, Grapes, Blueberries, Blue Curacao, Lime juice, Sour mix. Combine all ingredients in shaker with lots of ice. Pour in a tall glass and enjoy. This Vape Poker blue vape may also be savored at your marina aboard your yacht. Take this with you on your private jet to Turks and Caicos. This sweet and tart Blue Hurricane vape makes for a Fruity Cloud . .
Profile: “Think of blue mist and mixed berries. Fresh fruits and tasty sweets served in a tall glass.”

Vape Poker™ ♥ “SPADES” ♥

Strength: 0 mg | 3mg | 6mg
PG/VG-ratio: 12/88
Flavor total: 7.1 ml (11.84%)

Available in 30ml & 60ml (US)

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