Our Story

Two Kings, Two Queens plot to dominate the world destined to discover and live for each other. The King of Clubs was a bold knight, strongest of them all, leading an army of the countries strongest warriors. He possessed powerful weapons and shields struck of precious metals. Deep in battle across enemy lines The King of Clubs was attacking a nearby kingdom when he stumbled upon The Queen of Hearts who restored order to the community by creating a distraction, harnessing her unstoppable power of love. The King of Spades, a creative tyrant, spent his life publishing vast artworks while in search of his one true love. One afternoon while painting in the garden maze he spotted the Queen of Diamonds who was wandering through the maze. Her sheer beauty lured him to drop what he was doing and chase after her. The Queen of Diamonds ran swiftly through the fields leaving just her sweet fruity scent behind. The King of Spades chased after her until there was no scent trail to follow. He stopped near a fountain to refresh his energy and regain his momentum. He then realized the fountain was glowing blue! As he took one step closer he saw the Queen of Diamonds dancing near the fountain. He knew he had to make a move as she was sure to frolic away soon. The King of Spades approached the Queen of Diamonds and she offered him a chalice filled to the brim with the blue liquid. He sipped the large glass and started to feel a rush of love, attraction and excitement. . . Just as the Queen of Diamonds slipped away! This is how it all began… Choose your suit and defend your throne.