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How does Vape Poker™ run a tournament?

Register your Vape Lounge for a Vape Poker™ #POKERNIGHT

    On the day of your event, our event staff will arrive at the job site approximately  one half hour to forty-five minutes prior to your designated start time.  An Event Manager will confer with you regarding the poker portion of your event.  Our crew, under the supervision of our Event Manager will ensure that all equipment is set-up and ready for presentation at your desired start time.  As your guests enter the “casino area” they will be given their assigned seats at the poker tables and each player will receive the predetermined amount of chips needed to start the tournament.

We will start each player with $2,500.oo, $5,000.00, or $12,000.00 in (non monetary) Vape Poker™ chips.  You may want to give your players an incentive to register in advance and by doing so, they can take advantage of promotions and start the tournament with an additional $500 in chips. This will give you an accurate head count and ensure that they come the night of the event. If this options is taken the player will start with their advance plus the bonus $500 in (non value) Vape Poker™ chips.

All poker tournaments will run for a 3 hour time limit. We control the rate at which we’ll raise the blinds and limit time in between those blind raises to adjust the expected time of each tournament ahead of time.

The first Vape Poker tournament starts at $25-$50 and will increase after 10-30 minutes, blinds. (Depending on the blinds we’re playing) During this hour we will have ONE Re-buy (optional). The Re-buy is allowed when a player has lost all of his or her Vape Poker chips (this is known as being felted). At the end of the first hour ALL players can do an Add-on (no matter how many chips the player has). The price for each of these items will be determined prior to the start of the game.

The following blind levels will then be 10 minutes until level 13 at which time we will go to 5 minute blind levels until the end of the tournament. Tables will be broken down as players are eliminated from the tournament, this will take us to our FINAL TABLE of the night where the tournament will end with ONE WINNER.

Vape Poker is committed to providing you and your guests with nothing short of the finest in vape poker, Texas hold’em themed events.

vape poker

vape poker

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